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About Us

Welcome to Alice's Natural Nibbles.  Thanks so much for your interest in us and our products.

My name is Kate Peters.  I've been rescuing Bulldogs my entire adult life.  Unfortunately, along with the slobber and unconditional love, Bulldogs bring a fair amount of health issues, including skin and hair coat problems.

After trying many different brands of dog food with no improvement, I decided to try a raw diet.  This was obviously a great choice as I've watched them thrive since then.  One day while giving them a store bought treat it all clicked.  If I am feeding my Bulldogs such a healthy regular diet, why am I not feeding them a healthier treat option too?

Since that thought, Alice's Natural Nibbles was born when Mom and I started dehydrating different veggies and single ingredient treats without fillers, chemicals, preservatives or additives.

We hope your pet will enjoy our Alice's Natural Nibbles products.